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The Advantage of Working With Us

More Surety Options = Better Terms For Clients
We presently work with over twenty highly-rated surety companies. Our relationships with a wide variety of surety markets allow us to provide our clients with the best terms available in the market no matter if you are seeking a bond program in excess of $500 million or simply looking for your first bid bond.

Surety Bond Underwriting Expertise
Our team consists of former surety bond underwriters that have managed the bonding programs for contractors ranging from start-ups to ENR 25 companies. The prior underwriting experience of our agents gives us with a competitive advantage in negotiating terms on behalf of each client with surety underwriters.

Simplified Process = Less Hassle For Clients
As underwriters we noticed that a great deal of the information requested was not absolutely necessary in order to make a decision on a particular bond request or in order for a contractor to obtain terms for an ongoing bond program. As a result, we have streamlined our qualification process and only obtain the information that is absolutely necessary for an underwriter to make a decision.  

Quick and Reliable Client Service
Since the inception of our business we have always differentiated ourselves in how quickly we work for clients. No matter if we are providing a proposal for a bond program or delivering of a routine bid bond - our team strives to get it back to you quicker than any of our competitors could. 

Your Questions: Answered

We take great pride in our capabilities to provide contractors with the best bonding solution available for their business.  Below are answers to a few of the most common questions we are asked: 

Who are we?
Catalyst Surety Partners is an independent agency that solely focuses on providing surety bonds. Our primary niche is providing bonds for contractors. We work with companies ranging from start-ups needing their first bid bond to long-established operations seeking to expand their bonding capacity. 

How do we work?
Within a simplified qualification process. The information we need from you depends on the size of bond that you need.  If you are looking for a bond on a project under $400,000, the information we need is simply a one page application.  We only ask you for information that is vital to get you the best terms available. Nothing less, nothing more.

How are we so effective?
Our team consists of former surety bond underwriters that managed the bond needs for start-ups to ENR 25 contractors. Our past experience and deep understanding of the bond underwriting process gives us a unique advantage in negotiating on behalf of our clients with underwriters from the 20+ highly-rated surety companies we represent.

In which states do we provide bonds?
We are based in Charlotte, North Carolina and our core focus is on helping contractors in North Carolina, South Carolina, and the contiguous states (Virginia, Georgia, & Tennessee).  With that being said, we are presently licensed to provide bonds in 20 states across the country.

Have additional questions? We would be happy to answer them for you. Give us a call and let's talk.
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