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Catalyst Surety Partners is an independent agency that is exclusively dedicated to supporting clients through providing the surety bonds they need in order to achieve their business objectives.  Since our 2014 launch we have steadily leveraged our team’s unique past experience as bond underwriters to help companies ranging from start-ups seeking their first bid bond to long-established operations looking to expand their existing bonding capabilities. 

Our process is simple and our approach is consistent.  Upon engaging with each client, we view our commitment to you as encompassing two primary responsibilities:
  1. To ensure your current bonding program terms adequately support your company’s current business plan.
  2. To provide a clearly communicated course of action for you to improve your bonding terms as we move forward together. 
With our team’s surety expertise, consistent approach, and high internal service standards, we've built a reputation for delivering results.  We look forward to proving our value to your company.
Diverse Portfolio of Surety Companies Represented
We presently work with twenty-five highly-rated surety companies.  Our relationships with a wide variety of surety markets allow us to provide bonds for clients at the best terms available in the market no matter if you are an established international operation or just starting out in business.

Surety Bond Underwriting Expertise
Our team consists of former surety bond underwriters that have managed the bonding programs for ENR 25 contractors.  The prior underwriting experience of our agents provides us with a competitive advantage in negotiating terms on behalf of each client with surety underwriters. 

Relationship Approach
When engaging with a client of any size it's our intention to build a long-term relationship that will endure for years to come. If you are currently happy with your current bonding contacts, we appreciate that as we respect your existing bonding relationship. However, know that we stand ready to act quickly in the event that you want to be presented with another bonding solution for consideration.

Simplified Process
We have streamlined our qualification process to only obtain the information that is absolutely necessary for an underwriter to make a decision.  Nothing less.  Nothing more. 

Quick and Reliable Customer Service
Since the inception of our business we have always differentiated ourselves on how quickly we work for our clients.  No matter if we are providing a proposal for an ongoing bond program or delivering a routine bid bond, our team strives to get it back to you quicker than any of our competitors could. 

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