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Confidentiality Agreement Backed Proposal Process

In today's world where many service businesses value high pressure sales techniques to drive new clients and revenue, we are admittedly poor sales people.  We're not the folks that stroll into your office and try to overcome objections to provide a proposal you really don't want.  We consider our agency as a team of value driven problem solvers.  If there aren't any issues with your bonding program or current agent's level of service, then save our information and call us if an issue arises in the future.  If there is an issue, then let us go to work to overcome it.

With that in mind, we have found that many contractors avoid seeking an improved bonding solution due to the long-term relationship they have with their current agent.  We respect that long-term relationship and strive to build the same type of relationship with each client we engage with.  However, if you feel constrained by your current bonding capabilities and want to at a minimum seek an improved solution, rest assured that we have a way of instilling absolute confidence that your current bonding relationship will not be impacted during that process. At Catalyst, we provide an innovative solution to this dilemma. 

Catalyst Confidential Proposal

If there is a desire to seek another bonding proposal, we offer prospective clients the assurance of a Confidentiality Agreement being executed between our agency, the prospective surety company, and the contractor. This Confidentiality Agreement is executed prior to:

1.)  Obtaining any information from you.
2.)  Disclosing your company's name or pertinent details to a prospective bond underwriter.

This gives a contractor full confidence that your decision to seek an improved bonding program will not be disclosed to anyone outside the parties that sign the Confidentiality Agreement. As a result, there is legal protection that your current bonding relationships will not be impacted unless you decide to move forward with our proposal.

Using Our Proposal As A Contingency Plan

If our proposed solution is not advantageous enough to choose to work with us at the time of the proposal, you can use our offer as a back-up surety program in the event that you get a bond declination or surprise response from your existing relationships. It's backed by the same confidentiality agreement so you can rest assured that your current vendor won't be apprised of our solution being in place as a contingency plan unless you need to make a move.

Capability Proven By Results

We're in the business of helping contractors achieve their business goals. We've established a track record of consistent performance, evidenced by the 176 contractors that we have helped improve their bonding terms to date. Disrupting current relationships if a switch to our firm is not deserved is not part of our approach. Our Confidentiality Agreement Backed Proposal is just another way provide an innovative approach in order to bring value to both clients and prospective clients.

First Step

If your business would like to obtain a proposal through this process, simply call our office and talk to one of our firm's Partners. We would be happy to answer any questions you have about this process.

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