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Latest Construction Economic Data

In order to best serve the needs of our clients and help beyond fulfilling their bond needs, we view it as our job to make readily available the key economic data and news that reflects the overall state of the industry along with where we are headed.  

Given we are already monitoring these items on a regular basis, we post key economic updates directly to this page.  You will also find links to our most recent issues of the Catalyst Construction Brief on this page. 

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The State of the Surety Industry

Like any industry, the surety market cycles through periods of good times and bad.  In order to best position your firm to obtain the most favorable terms from your surety underwriter at any given time, it is important to stay informed of the overall state of the bond industry.  

Unless there is an unusual sudden shift in the market, we update this resource quarterly so that our clients and contacts can stay in the know about the surety industry's overall underwriting appetite. 

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Common Forms to Maintain Your Bonding Program

As you likely know, bond underwriters require the regular receipt and review of information in order to maintain the bonding facility they  offer your company.  While the exact information that an underwriter requires can differ depending on the size of your company and your bond needs, we have placed the most common forms in an easy to access space for clients and prospective clients.

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